Making Twitter Yours

Twitter is an awesome social media platform for connecting with friends, getting great ideas and a good way to connect with people without sharing a great deal of personal information. Twitter can also have its downsides from spammers and bots to useless information and knowing what you want out of Twitter is an important part of the user experience.

In 140 characters, you can express whatever is on your mind at the moment. Sometimes it’s prolific, other times it’s just a status update of your day. But be careful to think before you tweet because even though a tweet can be deleted, there are times when tweets are captured and cached on other sites that scan Twitter. This isn’t to scare you but rather make you aware of that happens when you hit that tweet button.

Deciding what you want out of Twitter is a key thing to using it in the best way possible. Whatever your passion, Twitter puts it at your fingertips. You can follow all sorts of people and gain useful information or interact with others who have similar interests. There are many tools that Twitter and other third party sites offer to get you started. After completing your short bio and Tweet a few times, Twitter will suggest other people to follow on the right side of your Twitter feed. You can also use plug-ins that allow you to find friends on Twitter via your email contacts or even Facebook friends. Searching based on interests is also a useful feature that Twitter offers and you can search on a variety of terms and even for specific people. An important thing to remember is that to be followed, most of the time, you have to follow first.

Once you know what you want out of Twitter, you can simply enjoy the experience of this amazing social media platform. It’s a great way to connect and communicate with so many different people. Make Twitter yours by being yourself and being friendly. The best people on Twitter have a great reputation and rapport with others, so don’t hesitate to interact. When you tweet be sure to be original, thank others for any re-tweets that you may get and be careful not to be offensive. No one wants to follow someone who constantly curses or shares negative information. In addition, be careful of the things and links that you share on Twitter because no one wants to just have a news feed to follow when they can find those links on their own. These few tips and tricks should get you up and running on Twitter and at your best. You have 140 characters, make them count!

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