Maplestory First Job Advancement

I know one of the hardest parts of Maplestory is to make that first job advancement in Maplestory. Whether you are trying to be an Aran, Adventurer, Cygnus, Resistance, or one of the newer classes. The best way to get to that level thirty where you can become more specialized in your class is in this guide.

From level 1 you are really going to want to follow the quest line. This will take you from 1-10 in about twenty minutes if you stick to the quest line.

From level 10 you have 2 options. You can either continue questing to level 20 or you can do my preferred method. You should make sure that you get a good mobbing skill quickly because this will allow you to level quicker in the beginning stages. After you get a mobbing skill (around level 12 or 13) you should go to the blue ribbon pigs outside of nautilus harbor (Pic included) make sure you take the taxi if you are far away from nautilus to make sure that no time is wasted. Stay here until the experience begins to get slow (around 16 or 17)

One you are 16 or 17 you will want to go to stone golems outside of Henesys. They are located at Golem’s Temple Enterance to the left of Henesys. After you reach around level 25 you should go into one of the portals to fight the higher leveled mixed golems. These monsters will last you until you reach level 30. The grinding may get slow towards the end, but if you stick to it and be patient you should be level 30 before the end of the hour.

1-10 = Quests (15 minutes)
10-17 = Blue Ribbon Pigs (15 minutes)
17-25 = Stone Golems (15 minutes)
25-30 = Mixed Golems (15 minutes)

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