Maputo Mozambique Hotels in Historic Surroundings

If you’re planning to stay at Maputo Mozambique hotels on business or holiday, the capital city has much to offer those who like to experience and explore new places. Some say it’s not a tourist destination; others differ. As with most things in life, it’s what you make of it that counts.

Maputo Mozambique hotels like the Southern Sun Maputo, located in this busy port, place visitors relatively close to the vibey markets that buzz with activity as vendors do their best to part with their crafts, fruit, vegetables, nuts and clothing, among others, or ply a trade like shoe repairs.

You can see the carvings of the Makonde people at the Cooperativa de Arte Makonde or visit the largest and one of the most notorious markets in Mozambique – Mercado Xipamanine. That means you’d be ill advised to shop wielding flashy handbags, digital or video cameras, and other valuables. Plus, you’d have to want some of its capulanas (traditional cloth) really badly to brave this market with its traditional medicine section that has animal claws and tails for sale.

The Chissano Museum features work by Alberto Chissano and other Mozambican artists. If you want to try the local cuisine at its popular restaurant, you’ll have to book in advance or dine at Maputo Mozambique hotels instead. There are a few other museums to visit, including The Money Museum that records the history of Mozambique’s currency as well as the Museum of the Revolution. Maps, photographs, uniforms and weapons are on display, but descriptions are in Portuguese.

Downtown, and not too far away from Maputo Mozambique hotels, you’ll find several memorials, admirable buildings and botanic gardens. The Tunduru Gardens provide a shady respite from the heat thanks to the English gardener, Thomas Honney, whose creative touch was also applied to gardens designed for the Sultan of Turkey and the King of Greece. Some of the trees are labelled with interesting detail that enlightens admirers as to their species and origin.

Outside the garden is another famous eatery, if you want to try alternatives to the restaurants in Maputo Mozambique hotels. It’s called Café Continental, where diners are accommodated indoors and outdoors.

The CFM Railway Station is one of the most significant buildings to see in Maputo. It was designed in 1910 by Gustave Eiffel and still retains its original wrought ironwork and marble pillars. There are also two 19th-century steam locomotives there.

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