J’aime themes Parisienne Translation I love Paris themes millions of other people do as well especially that of Marie Antoinette’s. When you think of Parisian themes you think of glitz, glamour and being decadent.

Incorporating glitz and glamour on a budget is hard not impossible. Get the idea that you have to spend a lot of money on themes out of your head. I’m about to introduce you to; Planning A Perfect DIY Bridal Shower with a Marie Antoinette theme outside in the Garden on a budget. Whew that was a mouthful. Now let’s learn.

The first thing you need to know is having a dessert table sets the theme for everything if you have a fancy dessert table you’re half way to making your bridal shower be the talk of the ages.

The second thing you need to know is how to incorporate your surroundings as part of your theme.

Now that you have the first two tips let’s get started on planning what could have been a costly bridal shower into a DIY bridal shower on a budget.

First when having a Marie Antoinette theme it’s important that we have lots of cute things what better place to put cute things than on a dessert table. After all she is debatably known for saying LET THEM EAT CAKE!

Here’s what we should have on a dessert table

Mini cupcakes Macarones Cookies

Here’s what we should have on our theme table Suitcases Tea sets (we could put flowers in the tea pots if we wanted too. Cute and fun) Eiffel Tower metal ornament

Remember when I mentioned incorporating your surroundings as part of your theme what about stringing hearts along from branch to branch to capture your love.

Use any trees, flower beds or bunches you have around. I’d like to point out this isn’t my idea but it’s a lovely one. Hang pictures of the Eiffel Towers pinning it from one end of a small bush to the other with spray painted clothes pins. Having a bridal shower in a garden gives you the ability to use the open space. Don’t be afraid to.

You can rent a table and put a suitcase on top of it and put Mason Jars filled with roses or put a cake on top of the suitcase over a doily.

I won’t just leave you with my words but pictures and links as well don’t forget to look at the pictures and go to the links. The SUPPORTING LINKS will be HOW-TO make a heart garland and macarons. If you go to this website you’ll see how Celebrations at Home used suitcases for their birthday party If you go to this one you’ll see more ideas for using suitcases

Good Luck and Cheers!

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