Mark Wahlberg Steals the Show In “Contraband”

Mark Wahlberg stars in a new crime-thriller about a former smuggler getting back in the business in order to protect his younger brother-in-law. Also starring Ben Foster, Giovanni Ribisi, and Kate Beckinsale, this action-pact movie is successful in executing the thrill and excitement a movie of this genre should have. The plot may sound typically sound like one you have heard of or seen before, but it certainly is not. I found every moment of this movie intriguing and was nothing but entertained. Mark Wahlberg is one of the biggest and better action stars, exuding the heroic “bad boy” image. Although Kate Beckinsale and Ben Foster are co-starring, they too give contributing and believable performances throughout the film. However, the actor that stood out the most to me in this film was Giovanni Ribisi.

Ribisi does an excellent job as the villain and never fails to impress me with his superb acting abilities. Doused in nothing but pure and violent cynicism, you still can not help but like his character due to his obvious yet vicious clumsiness and lack of professionalism and sensibility. He is definitely the character to love to hate, yet hate to love.

This movie has an efficient pace with nothing left outstretched or over-analyzed. It is full of action, humor, and quotable one-liners: the key ingredients of a perfect film to be entertained by. Contraband is definitely one of the better blockbusters of the year. If you’re looking for a movie to cure boredom with, this is positively the right solution.

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