Mary Fay

Tell us about the band?

We were formed in 2007 and we come from the town Falun in Sweden. We are four guys of different ages and backgrounds who all love to play and create awesome music. We want to let everyone take a part of what we’re creating and hopefully enjoy it as much as we do!

What was your first concert experience? Do you remember how you felt once the concert was over?

Theo : My first concert experience was with another band and it actually went great. The show took place in my hometown and a lot of people showed up and supported us. After the show I felt a big relief.

Tommy: Even though all of us have long stage experience it’s always special to go up on stage. First experience? Before the show pretty nervous and after the show a great relief to had it done and over with..

Peter: My first concert experience happened when I was 14 I think and went to a youth center in the town I grew up in. It was a local punk band and everyone in the audience was crazy, so I joined them and became one with the music for the first time. :)

Jonas: I think I was 14 or 15 first time I played live, was in my hometown and I was so nervous before the show and after the show it just felt like this is what I want to do the rest of my life.

Did you grow up wanting to play music, or when did the whole making albums thing come about and how?

Theo: I’ve always wanted to play music so it has been natural for me to also write and record my music.

Peter: I started at age 7 to play the recorder, then when I was 11 my sister started to play drums and when she was away I took those drums and hammered away like crazy and from that day forward I was eager to start my first band. I think I was 13 when i started in the first band.

Tommy: The thing that we all in the band have in common is that wanting to play music from when we were young. I started with imitating my idols in front of the mirror growing up and then went from there to start playing in a band. Hopefully someone’s imitating Mary Fay now!

Jonas: I remember it like it was yesterday, it was the band Europe and I was 9 years old! It was really fantastic and after the show I knew I wanted to be the one standing on stage and started playing instruments.

Do you have a favorite song you have written and why?

Theo: “As we fall asleep” with Mary Fay because the chorus is great!

Jonas: My favourite song that I have written is The End of me and you. It is probably one of the songs I have the most of my heart in and I still miss the person I wrote this song about.

What is your greatness and weakness as a band?

The greatness is what we can create together and our live performance. The weakness are probably that we are in different stages of our lives.

What’s the scariest thing that has ever happened to you in your life?

Theo: Sitting in a car when Tommy is driving because he is speeding all the time!.

Peter: Just recently on the road to a festival in Belgium a tire from a truck in front of us exploded and nearly hit us, but our great driver and friend Gustav saved us through fast thinking and reflexes.

Jonas: When I went in to the hospital for vomiting blood! I thought I would die! But I got well and this was an effect of working hard and having a lot of stress.

Tommy: Probably sitting in the backseat of the car when Theo is driving because he is not paying attention…

What’s the first thing you do when the band arrives in a new town while on tour?

First we search for coffee! After that we say hello to the people at the venue that booked us and then unload the van, after that it is off to the hotel, check in and find out where the spa is!

What’s the worst place you have ever played a show at, and why?

One time we came to a place in Sweden where we more or less had to build the stage ourself just to be able to play it. That sucked..

What music do you listen to when you are having a bad day?

Theo: Underoath and Katatonia. Actually I listen to those bands on my good days also.

Tommy: In my case, whatever my fingers plays on the guitar, besides that HIM.

Peter: I listen to Machine Head most of the time, just to get all that frustration out.

“Burn My Eyes” is my favourite album.

Jonas: Machine Head and Paradise lost

If you had your life to live over again, what one thing would you change?

Nothing. Whatever has happened in the past is what has made us who and what we are now. Don’t look back, look forward.

What`s your favorite part of music history?(acts/genres etc.)

The analog part of music history.

Theo: The analog part of music history, no specific artist or genre.

Peter: Must say punk rock, it was that genre that made me start playing drums and especially Ramones.

Tommy: Jimmy Hendrix, putting his guitar on fire on stage. Legendary!

Jonas: Ramones, Helloween, Paradise Lost, Machine Head, MUSE and so on, You have a lot of good music in history but these are my favorite ones.

In a perfect world how many albums would you have to sell to be happy?

As many as it takes to get us to play all around the world!!

What do you guys have planned for the future?

Touring, touring and touring J and make a second album.

And finally, what else should we know about your band?

For some reason, we like to hit the spa and take baths together. We also have a wooden seagull named Glenn as a mascot.

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