MBA in Marketing – Still Looking for a Job!

The current economy has not been conducive to my obtaining a position with an MBA in Marketing. How do I know this, I am currently one class away from receiving my MBA in Marketing and have been looking for a position for the last year. Even an internship would be great to get my foot in the door. Is it my age, I’m over 50, or the fact that there is still a limited number of positions available in the workforce?

The positions I have applied for include product and brand managers, product development, advertising, marketing, marketing management and account management specialist. Even though I have had previous experience in the workforce as a merchandiser and store manager, I have had approximately 20 interviews over the past year. Each interview has gotten me into the top three candidates but I have been unable to land a position.

I have attributed my inability to obtain a job in marketing due to the fact I have a Master’s degree in Education. I feel that the companies where I have been applying see my educational background and feel I belong in the education field. If this is the reason, it is very hard to overcome this belief especially since I have been in the top three candidates for each of the interviews.

I have spoke with each company after the interview. Each one has told me I hold the qualifications they are looking for but I have too much experience and they consider me over-qualified. My qualificiations have eliminated me from the position and prompted the companies to hire an individual with less qualifications for a lesser wage than they feel I deserve. The problem is, I would work for the salary they are offering the other individual. The economy dictates what wages are available and even with experience, I need a job!

Looking at each interview from the perspective of the employer, I understand why I have not been chosen for the positions. I have had an eclectic array of experiences but truly want to leave the educational field and go back into business. I was in business management prior to my educational career of art education. The combination of art education with business marketing made sense to me at the time. I wonder now if it was the right decision. I would like to say at this point that the owners of businesses need to keep an open mind to hiring middle-aged individuals into their workforce.

I encourage anyone with an MBA in Marketing to hit the job market hard and consistently. The right job will come along.

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