Media Perception

In need of more, more money more time
So little time for botox in the day
Where is my handout?
I deserve to not work for my wealth.
I can go purchase beauty.
A dollar and a dream is all I need.

Fake; breast, butts, and lips is all I need
To bring me a lot of money in a little time
Superficial and false beauty
The definition of beauty for this day
My beauty deserves wealth
Pretentious beauty equals a handout.

Aesthetically challenged equivocates no such handout
Only beautiful and wealthy has monetary need
Poor and ugly deserves no wealth
Continue to feed the superficial demon at this time
What’s right? Style is this day
The important things; wealth and beauty

Not my problem if most lack wealth and beauty
You should want to work for false promises of potential growth, not a handout
I support jobs for the poor that will kill them at the end of the day
Thanks to property tax and gates money, is all I need
Watching me on reality TV is a way the middle class can share in my wealth
This is my time.

Got wealth
Purchase beauty
Lacking one at the time
Gain them through lying, manipulating, take your handout
Gaining beauty and wealth is what you need
Go through the motions each day

Abuse your body each day
Pay for reconstruction with wealth
Not medical for the less fortunate but beauty is what we need
Help others or purchase beauty
Always choose beauty, not giving a handout
Handouts are not what the poor need at this time

We the people HA!! I need a 12 million dollar home this day
I give to the less fortunate, but they can’t have my time and wealth
Let the government solve the poor and ugly money issues I need my wealth and beauty.

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