Medical Marijuana Grow Guide Getting Started

Starting Out

Clones are cuttings taken off of other plants. They are genetically identical to the plant they were taken from, though clones don’t have the same vigor as seed starts. They are always the same gender as the plant they were taken from. Clones can be nice because you start out with a plant a couple of inches tall, as opposed to starting with a seed.

Germination: in order to germinate seeds, put them folded in a water-soaked paper towel on a plate. After a few days, the first of them should start sprouting small white roots out of a crack in their shell. Place the seed root-down about a quarter to a half inch under the ground, and keep the soil damp. It will come through the top of the soil in a few days.

Seedlings: when the plants are still seedlings, don’t use the final pots. Get small ones as an intermediary between what you started the seeds in and their final containers. Don’t fertilize the seedlings until at least 3 or 4 weeks after they pop though the ground.

Sexing: once the plants are big enough, or once they are turned to 12/12, they will begin to develop preflowers. Male preflowers look like little balls in the space where the branch meets the main stem, and females have little white hairs at the same place. Pull all male plants as soon as you are sure that they are male.

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