Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin: Shame Women with “Winks” and “Blinks”

Republicans Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin are front and center as leaders of their political party. Probable Presidential candidates going forward for the 2012 campaign, a commentary in San Diego Gay and Lesbian News describes the predominant “winks” and “blinks” the two execute as a shame to women.

The source writes that women are anything but equal. The actions and body language of Michele and Sarah are largely playing themselves down, somehow feeling they have to appeal to the masses in a way which insults how far women should be by today’s standards.

Michele Bachmann is noted in the commentary for having belated blinking while Sarah Palin is known for her famous, flirtatious winks. Is this just a characteristic the Republican women have always had or did they feel it was a trait they needed to get ahead in public life? Both are attractive and smart women, making them ideal targets for gay, lesbian, and feminist groups.

Do you think Bachmann and Palin need to respect themselves more as women or is too much made of their famous gestures?

Source: San Diego Gay and Lesbian News

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