Mind’s Decoration

Judgement’s not passed on what is solely yours.
Verdict belongs to the architect of a thought.
However radical an idea,
Of positive nature or of most positively not.

Bred and fed through experience and education,
A thought demands and is quickly obeyed.
Directly influenced by decision,
Propaganda, emotion and DNA.

A thought will not get you arrested.
Society cannot demand incarceration.
Your personal thoughts are of a private nature.
We’ve been blessed with the gift of mind’s decoration.

A polite “thank you” and peaceful demeanor,
We welcome the character, your mind’s outside.
Convinced the person presented to us
Is authentic and not an elaborate disguise.

Socially your smile conveys a calmness,
Camouflaging an anger violent in kind.
Your own personal perverse secrets
Kept from those who don’t read minds.

Insults and anger and hate and revenge;
You keep them privately in a place no one hears.
But what if everyone listened and judged?
What if your mind’s voice went to other’s mind’s ears?

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