Mississippi Gulf Coast’s Party for Mardi Gras in 2012

Mississippi Gulf Coast’s Party for Mardi Gras 2012

The Mississippi Gulf Coast may not be the “Big Easy” but they have a lot to offer anyone who wishes to celebrate Mardi Gras! The folks down here know how to party and throw a parade that can be enjoyed by all ages. The love of Mardi Gras flows across the coast eastward towards the Florida Panhandle from New Orleans, La with a zeal for the authenticity of the original celebration started hundreds of years ago.

The Gulf Coast (as we call it here) has turned the corner on the idea of Mardi Gras being for adults only and transformed this wonderful celebration into a huge family affair. From parades to face painting the folks here have capitalized on the desire to have fun for all and tone down the sexually themed parades held in the Big Easy.

This annual extravaganza starts in early February and runs for a solid and joyful three weeks leaves no one in this area untouched. No city between New Orleans and the Panhandle of the sunshine state is left unaffected by this fever for parades to view and beads to catch during the parades. From street vendors selling souvenirs and wonderful Cajun style food to “King Cakes” and Jambalaya there is little wonder why this yearly party is so popular across the US southern coast.

All along the parade route and at every corner are the scents and sounds of this celebration that is grounded in the traditions of the Cajun cuisine. Street vendors offer up a splendid taste of and “sometimes eye watering” flavor of the south. If your desire is to submerge yourself and/or your family in great “family fun” into the experience of “Mardi Gras” south Mississippi style, the Gulf Coast is your spot to be! If you are of the few who have too many adult beverages then the area offers many options other than driving to your hotel.

The ability for family to enjoy this tradition of Mardi Gras that has been celebrated since the early 14th century has been limited to the flamboyant but rarely focused on the family. The Gulf Coast has figured out a “happy medium” of this tradition to bring in all observers of this great holiday together.

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