Mitt Romney Needs to Change His Negative Outlook

COMMENTARY | The Los Angeles Times reports that Mitt Romney has been losing ground in the Republican presidential primary to Rick Santorum, and he has also lost favorability with the American people, according to recent polls. Romney has really been struggling to articulate a positive vision for the country. Recently, a Santorum advertisement cast him as “Rombo,” a character who fires mud at fellow Republicans. If I were advising Romney, here is how I would attempt to change this perception that the American people have of him.

The first thing that Romney should do is back away from the negative advertisements all of the time. Negative advertisements are good, but can sometimes confuse the American people when it comes to the message of the advertisement. Romney just needs to focus on the issues, such as how he would change the economy, what he would do about jobs, and how he would limit government. Romney spends a lot of time on negative advertisements, which often criticize his opponents, and this can hurt his overall message. If I was advising Romney, I would tell him to stop airing such negative advertisements, and have him show the American people what he could do to fix important issues, and how his answers are better than the ones from President Barack Obama.

I would also tell Romney that he needs to stop going after the Republican candidates, because it only makes his image suffer. Romney needs to get his point across about why he is better than the alternative candidates, but he has basically assured himself the nomination already, so it is time to put the focus somewhere else. Romney just needs to learn how to get his point across in a direct manner, without infusing personal attacks into the equation, which can be difficult for a politician. I would air more positive advertisements that show Romney out with his family, out in the community, and not spewing negativity toward his fellow rivals in the primary.

Romney really needs to show great leadership skills in order to take the election from Obama, which means he needs to rise above what other candidates have done or might do in the future. Romney needs to assert himself to the American people in a positive way, which is one aspect of being a great leader. Instead of making negative claims toward his opposition, he needs to start focusing on the American people, since that is how he will earn the Republican nomination, and potentially win the presidency. I would also tell Romney that he needs to show the American people, especially the Republican voters, why he is better than Obama, which starts with attacking his policies in a more constructive manner.

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Michael Finnegan, “Romney’s challenge: Be more than the anti-Obama”, Los Angeles Times

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