Summer is ending and so is the regular season for most players in the league. With just a little less than month left to go, the season gone by very quickly. For some players however; not fast enough. We’re going to be reviewing the top BUST in MLB season, some of which have ruined many fantasy teams out there. This session will be on the very high ranked players that had horrible seasons.


I like Adam Dunn, he seems like a very cool guy but there has been no doubt this year that the 6’6 “power” swinging lefty has been a complete fail. After having a decent track record of a hitter that drives in a lot of runs and takes it out of the park this year has been a downer. After joining the white Sox Adam Dunn has been a train wreck. He is hitting .163 with 11 homeruns and 40 RBIS after 368 at bats. This guy has been a certified scrub. When everyone looked at Adam Dunn going into the white sox nobody could’ve predicted the horrible year he is having. We knew this guy couldn’t hit for a high average but 40 homeruns and 100 RBIs seemed to have been a lock for this guy. Chicago is a hitter friendly park and everyone was expecting numbers much higher than offered. Perhaps in the .250 average 40 homeruns and 100 RBIs ball park…instead this guy has been one of the worst acquisitions of the past off season. In most drafts he was taken 3rd round latest…now he’s not even worth a free agent pick up. He plays a position stacked with great hitters…you’d be crazy to even hold on to this scrub.

My Projection: 250 40 100

Actual Value: 163 11 40

2) David Wright NYM 3B/U

Another player that I really like but is having a terrible season. In all honesty David Wright is a cool guy, he plays a solid 3rd base and was the poster boy for the mets for a couple of years. But this year has just been utterly horrible. Sure we can blame it on the terrible stadium for his hitting woes but his numbers this year are simply awful. I understand he was injured but even his return has been less than spectacular. He is still better than his teammate Jason Bay but that doesn’t say much. He is currently hitting 274 12 49, normally I wouldn’t complain about these numbers but for a man who was drafted for a first pick in most leagues…these numbers simply don’t cut it. Unless he gave us his 289 30 100 projection, David Wright was a likely bust, and he certainly lived up to that name.

My Projection: 289 30 100

Actual Value: 274 12 49

3) Hanley Ramirez FLA SS/U

Another great player with sky high potential ruined through injury. Okay that might have been over dramatic but Hanley season has been horrible due to injury. He can still come back next year and have a wonderful year..but this year seems to be lost. A guy that was MLB fantasy’s number ONE ranked player has fallen way below expectation due to a injury ridden season. Call me crazy I had this guy as a 320 25 80 guy at SS along with 30 or so steals..

My projection: 320 30 80 Actual Value: 240 11 44

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