Mobility Solutions, the Future for SMB is Exciting!

The mobility industry is poised for enormous growth over the course of the next few years. There are a number of factors that will be driving this growth; continued advances in hardware and software, new markup and layout standards in HTML5 and CSS3 and most notably the marketing bonanza beginning to brew as hardware, software and phone service providers alike wrangle with each other to stake their claim of the multi-billion dollar advertisement space that will be blossoming.

Mobile devices have become extremely mainstream in the public sector with what seems like everyone now carrying a smart device around for a phone. As consumers grow used to having this convenience during their personal time, companies wishing to automate business processes will increasingly adapt mobile solutions that capitalize on the latest gadgetry advances. This transition is counter to the way most technologies in the past have come main stream, with consumers generally being late adopters of emerging technologies.

Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and the mobile device manufacturers have paved the way for corporations to integrate tried and true building blocks of technology into their approach to solving mobile process automation. Consumers have done a job that in the past, large corporations, colleges, or the government would have filled in proving technologies and lowering prices prior to being used in everyday business.

The idea of intuitive interface, and ease of use has been ingrained into the public psyche, to the point that we almost cringe at the idea of a physical button or switch as opposed to a virtual one displayed on a brilliantly colored touchscreen. Manufacturers of ruggedized mobile devices have been blessed with the simple task of creating a safe home for the components that will stand up to the increased demands of warehouse, field service and other harsh business environments.

This unique recipe has created an environment that is ripe for growth and expansion. Hardware Manufacturers lucky enough to have proven them selves in the ruggedized arena will undoubtedly reap a huge windfall of fresh business as companies make the transition into mobilizing their workforces.

Mobile process automation has come to the forefront of businesses wishing to improve the bottom line. These companies have increasingly turned to seasoned integrators to design solutions, implement these new tools and improve the companies efficiency. The leading rugged mobile computers manufactures (Intermec, Datalogic and others) bring you the best hardware. Combining this with intuitive mobile software will easily create tangible results that positively effect the company bottom line.

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