Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Range, Accuracy and Damage Ratings

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons list is extensive. Without knowing which weapon to use when and how, an arsenal of ‘gaming’ weapons is useless. Call of Duty might just end up being your last call of duty without proper weapon training and knowledge. Most lists of Modern Warfare 2 Weapons simply list what is available. It is high time that the best of the best of the best be noted!

Range of Weapon

Are you wanting a close, medium or long range rifle? This depends on how far away your enemy is. For close range, your best weapon is the sub machine gun, the MP5K. The Vector and P 90 are useful weapons at short and medium ranges. If you are wanting a long range weapon, the Mini Uzi is perfect, due to its fast recoil rate. A sniper rifle, is probably your best choice for a long range weapon. The bolt action rifle, the Intervention is great for long range killing. However, you only get one chance. The reload rate creates only one chance at a kill.


What use is a Modern Warfare 2 weapon that does not result in demise of your enemies? A weapon with greater accuracy will result in a greater kill rate. The assault rifle TAR 21, has one of the best accuracy rates, although its range is medium. Another good choice for the highest accuracy is the fully automatic rifle, the AK-47. A fast series of shots can kill multiple enemies with dead on accuracy. Steer clear of the semi- automatic Fal, which has one of the shortest accuracy ratings.


An accurate weapon is awesome, but limited damage leaves an enemy who can still battle. Maximum damage ensures your chances of advancing in Modern Warfare 2. Due to its high rate of fire, the machine pistol TMP, ensures a lethal kill. The Mini-Uzi has an extremely fast fire rate with multiple shots so ensures maximum damage to your foe. Two great assault rifles for the most damage are the M4A1 and the ACR. The ACR is the preferred weapon due to its slightly faster fire rate.

By knowing which of your Modern Warfare 2 Weapons to use, you stand a chance of completing your Call of Duty. Each new game update adds additional weapons, so keeping atop of Modern Warfare 2 helps a gamer to succeed on the next release. The rest is up to you – the warrior gamer!

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