Money Saving Tips for Airline Travel

In the last year, the price of an airline ticket has increased quite a bit, particularly because airlines are paying more for their fuel. Checked bags almost always come with a fee each way, and so the cost of air travel has skyrocketed for the average passenger. Any means of saving money when flying is always a good thing, so here are some ways to cut costs when traveling by air.

*Pack light and do not check a bag. If you can pack what you need in a carry-on bag, do it to avoid paying the extra $25 fee each way on your next trip. Only JetBlue and Southwest do not charge for checked bags. Not only does this save money but also time at the baggage carousel after the flight.

*Bring an empty disposable water bottle. Water and sodas cost at least $2 and sometimes closer to $3 at airport shops, so bring an empty one and fill it at a water fountain up after going through the security checkpoint. It will come in handy while waiting for your flight and also provide a larger drink once on the plane.

*Eat before you leave home. Food in the airport is notoriously expensive such as $8.95 at LaGuardia for a ham and cheese sandwich. Airlines are charging for food on the flights and their prices are equally high. You also have the option to bring a sandwich or food that is not liquid and then eat it during your flight.

*Park in a distant lot instead of the airport parking garage or have someone drop you off at the airport. Fees for parking in a garage can be as high as $17 a day at Orlando International Airport and even higher at airports like JFK where it can reach $33 a day.

*Use frequent flier miles whenever possible before they expire. It has become much easier to use these miles and there are less black-out periods. It is easy to book online where you can check available dates, and if you are somewhat flexible in your travel plans, you may be able to fly simply for a service fee of $10.

*Bring a magazine, newspaper or Kindle from home, instead of paying the higher fees in the airport shops. This way you already have something you know you like to read and can save the higher fees charged for the convenience of buying the item in the airport.

With a little advance planning you can make your next airline flight a more cost-effective one and apply the savings toward a future trip. Airline travel does not have to be overly expensive if you implement a few of these money saving travel tips.

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