More Signs of Pregnancy

Let’s face it, a beautiful conception rarely escapes the irritating side effects of pregnancy. Signs to look for when suspecting a pregnancy have been included in my first article Signs You’re Pregnant. For a more thorough listing, I’ve decided to put together a more detailed list below.


More and more, you’ll start finding yourself wanting to sleep long before bedtime arrives. With all of the major changes going on in your body, you’ll no doubt feel more tired than usual. Listen to your body and give yourself a good rest and good night’s sleep.

Increased Urination

During pregnancy, some women feel the need to urinate more often than usual. Yes, this means a few extra trips to the ladies’ room on a weekend night out.

Sore Breasts

One of the most common signs of pregnancy is having sore breasts. This is caused by the body’s increasing level of the female hormone called progesterone. Since the slightest movement in a bra can cause discomfort and pain to swollen breasts, a special maternity bra should be worn instead to keep the twins more comfortable.


Because pregnancy can cause severe bloating and heavy gas symptoms, the bulge in your stomach may be perceived as baby weight by some. You’ll likely be feeling very large and self-conscious about the way you look at this time. Don’t worry though because it’s all a part of the awesome journey that’s in store for you.


Constipation is considered to be one of the most common complaints of pregnant mothers throughout their nine months of pregnancy. A combination of increased urine and constipation means a simple trip to the bathroom could turn into an all day affair.

Food Aversions

A very interesting side effect is food aversions. If your dream food usually consists of cheesy, sizzling pizza or juicy, monstrous steaks, acquiring a newfound dislike for these foods is extremely common. Also, the smells of different types of foods that never bothered you before will suddenly become repulsive and at times, even unbearable.

Bleeding Gums

During pregnancy, some women experience bleeding gums. When brushing you’re teeth, you’ll notice your gums becoming weaker and more susceptible to bleeding. It’s advisable to see a doctor if the amount of bleeding gets extreme.

Flu-like Symptoms

Some pregnant women even say their symptoms are like having the flu. They complain about getting sore throats and stuffy noses.

Being pregnant is nothing short of an adventure. As for its many signs and symptoms, you never know which one you’re going to get hit with next.

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