MTVs Awkward Recap: Episode 8

Episode 8 of Awkward was filled with OMG moments for the entire 30 minutes. We start out with Aunt Ally, the best friend of Jenna’s mom, coming to town for a visit. To this point viewers have probably been convinced that Jenna’s mom was the most inappropriate adult in the series…then we meet Aunt Ally. Ally is the carefree, pill popper that the mom would have ended up as if she had not become a teen mom. She constantly referred to Jenna as “little b*tch” and we come to find out that is a name she dubbed Jenna at birth and has never called her by anything else.

Aunt Ally and Mom decided it is past time for Jenna to have a huge party that will undoubtedly push her into the “in” crowd that they so desperately want for her. Jenna being the only rational person around, initially refuses the party, that is until Mattie hears about the party via social networking and makes it clear he will be there – needless the say Jenna’s need to party has just appeared. The party starts sad, both Jenna and her BFF Tamara fear they have thrown the, much feared, party where no one shows up. We then see Jenna’s horrible Aunt Ally give Jenna a pill to calm her down which she promptly mixes with alcohol. In the tradition of hit movie “The Hangover” we cut to the next morning with Jenna waking up and not remembering anything that happened the night before. She spends the remainder of this episode trying to piece together what happened by calling her best friend Tamara, looking at pictures from the party posted on a Social Network and waiting for her memory to come back in bits and pieces. What we later find out is the Jenna embarrassed her self by throwing up on someones shoes, calling Mattie out for being a jerk and committing the ultimate betrayal…kissing the boy that Tamara has been gushing over for much of this first season. Once Jenna realizes what she has done she rushes to her best friend to apologize and beg for forgiveness, not only does Tamara not forgive her but she delivers the biggest OMG moment of the series to this point! Tamara admits that she is the one who wrote the letter to Jenna in episode one, the letter that set the whole season in motion and started the chain of events that lead to everyone believing Jenna is suicidal!

Awkward airs every Tuesday at 11PM on MTV

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