Music Review: “Days of the New (Red Album)”

I listened to the third self titled album released by the band Days Of The New; referred to as the “Red Album.” It had a few minor surprises in store for me, but mostly it was OLD Days of The New for me. However, I am not one who explored old Days Of The New very deep and thus, might not have a clue what I am talking about. Here are my song by song note for the “Red Album.”

“Hang On To This”: It has some nice little runs, decent opener, if you like Days of the New this slips you back into the water nicely.

“Fighting W/Clay”: I’m NOT a Days of the New fan of old, and this song reminds me why not. Rockers don’t need to be in key, in tune, they just have to have to be able to channel some sort of cool with their voice and sounds. Days Of The New are swamp, stomp rock, and they CAN shine at doing that. However, the lead vocals lacked the cool factor for me on this track, and it’s not really listenable for me after one go-round.

“Days In Our Lives”:
“These are the days in our lives” is a prominent lyric, but they say “changes” and “time for changes” way more, surprised it’s not just titled changes. I immediately think of the soap opera when “Days Of Our Lives” when they sing the days lines. This song has some pop rock qualities that should please many an ear.

“Die Born”: Strum along country boy rock, can imagine some good ole boys with Skynard long hair over in the desert fighting the army man fight.

“Best Of Life”: These guys would make good background singers for Marilyn Manson on some tracks.

“Dirty Road”: The vocal bravado, I dunno, the delivery is like I might do if I were goofing around; and I can’t sing worth a poop. The chorus is good though, it’s not hurt by the rest of it, and the song simmers there long enough to keep the boat somewhat afloat.

“Where Are You?”: A rock along that makes it too easy to drift away from and tune out. It’s not wuiet sleep music by any means, but it seemed like it wanted to take me on a magic carpet ride, but I was in my rocket ship instead and almost forgot to pay attention.

“Never Drown”: You too could be Days Of The New! His main vocals are slur along, but he does have the rock star ability within and stretches some for portions of the song, just not far enough to palm the sun. The music itself is kind of odd with some other strings elements not doing it for me. This seems like it could be a single though., in a different world, without Katy Perry, and Lady Dumball.

“Words”: Kids with angst jamming out. Ow! Doodly-doo whoa! Doodly-doo Ow! Owwwwww! Yea! I think one should promote going and doing this yourself in the garage instead of buying someone else doing it.

“Once Again”: For every pleasing moment you could find with the song you get hobo playing on the sidewalk non-pleasing moments. It’s not full skitzo, but being critical makes me easily put the thumbs down instead of up on this one.

“Giving In”: Angsty stoner rockers getting it on with the sounds of India mix tape. May not want to stick around for the climax.

“Dancin’ With The Wind”: Days Of The New, riding with the horn section on this one. Seems like it was envisioned as a Broadway or play number; it succeeds in that vein.

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