Must Have iPhone Apps

With phones today acting more like computers, people who own an iPhone now are able to do things with certain apps that they once had to have a computer to do. I remember when I first received my iPhone I went straight to the app store to see what fun and exciting apps I could put on my phone. Below are some of the “must have” apps and a few that I found both useful and entertaining. Enjoy! Pandora: For a music buff like me, I love to have my music ready and available for easy listening. Pandora is just the app for this. You can create channels that are based off either your favorite artist or your favorite songs. There are a few commercials spaced between every few songs but they are quick and I rarely even notice them. It is also FREE which is a plus. There is also the option of “liking” or “disliking” a song, which broadens or narrows your list. If you really like the song, you can even purchase it. Maps: I constantly need directions to somewhere or other and while I’m good with directions, this app helps me get where I’m going with ease. Once I thought I had memorized the directions to my friend’s house, only to discover I was missing a turn, I pull up the Maps app and it can show you exactly where you are with a little blue dot that moves as you move. I was able to see that I was headed in the wrong direction and make the necessary corrections. If you get lost easily, this is the app for you! Sports Center: Especially with football season upon us, Sports Center has an app that is user friendly as well as has all the information you need about your favorite sports. You can customize the app in order to feature your favorite teams. There is also a sports center ticker that runs on the bottom with all the latest news in sports. You can get live updates as the game is going on as well and it is easy to find and read the final scores of all the games. Angry Birds: For everyone who likes to play a game now and again, this is an addictive and challenging game. You have to try and slingshot “angry birds” into block/ice/stone buildings and kill the green pigs that are placed strategically all over the structure. It is a frustrating yet exciting game that will have you entertained for hours. iBooks: If you like to read, this is the app for you. All your favorite books right there for you to browse and purchase. The download is fast and there is also a large selection of free books.

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