My 1967 F-250: Old School American Class

Here it is, 1967 America at its best. The Doors had just rolled out their self titled album, San Francisco is heading into its Summer of Love, and another red 1967 Ford F-250 rolls off the production line. The only thing that made this truck different from the others coming off that line, was that 40 years later it would be owned by me, and prove itself to be the best truck I ever owned.

When “The Beast” ( my truck), came off the line it was a simple work or farming machine. It came equipped with 360 V-8 and a manual 4 speed on the floor. It was a no frills workhorse, no radio, no air conditioning, no luxury, just worthy of putting up with whatever was thrown at it for hauling or towing around. Fourty years later the truck ended up with me, painted a calm tone of green-gray, later model bucket bench seats, and quite an upgrade under the hood. Although The Beast started out as quite a heavy duty vehicle under my scalpel it has grown to truly support its name. Now its running a tough over bored Ford 390 V-8, aluminum heads, and high performance everything. The body looks the same as it did on day one, only in a new color, never dented or repaired its natural beauty still shines through.

When it comes to abilities and being a worker this truck has it all, with its new power train and monstrous general size, it holds and hauls just about anything I will ever need. I’ve moved furniture, towed boats, and pulled stumps, nothing gets in the way of The Beast. Ive owned other trucks, some small, 1974 Toyota pickup, some larger, 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 lifted on 35’s, but not one of them can compare the use and power that I find in this vehicle. Its not just the usefulness of the truck that makes it so worthy, but also its pure beauty and class that shines through, showing the workmanship and quality of a long passed era in American production. I wouldn’t trade this truck for another payment ever.

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