My Anti-Stress ‘Secret’

Welcome to my life. The cast of characters includes me, my spouse, my neurotic German Shepherd, five cats and three kids; a houseful to say the least. To make things a little more interesting, two of my three children are high school seniors this year, and we share one car. I doubt that I have to tell you having two active 17-year-olds with somewhere to be all the time, a third kid, six four-legged-beasts and a husband who always needs something or who has to be somewhere himself is a little on the challenging side.

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?
Most recently, I endured my first round of senior prom dress shopping with the twins. If the price tags were not enough to make me sweat up a storm, the fact that the heating and cooling controls in the mall were on the blink didn’t exactly help. Granted, I tend to sweat heavily as it is, but lack of climate control on a humid day made my level of comfort unbearable. The twins and I got in and out of the mall before our pit stains looked like pit stops.

To make matters worse, over the last couple of weeks, the south Texas weather has been bipolar –to put it kindly. One day will be a balmy 75 and the next will be a rainy 42. This has done a number on my wardrobe, my patience and the deodorant I was using.

Then, I switched
For a little over a week, I’ve been using the Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for Sensitive Skin and I have never been dryer, more comfortable or more confident. I’m not even afraid to wear my sexy heather gray tee when we go for the second act of the prom dress hunting extravaganza this weekend; not even if the mall A/C is out -and that’s saying something.

And, since my girls also tend to sweat heavily, I went ahead and bought them their own Secret Clinical Strength deodorants — and they couldn’t be happier with their results, too. The three of us stay cool, dry and collected no matter the weather or the shopping spree. Today, we can brag that we are three fashionistas who can sprint after the latest trends without breaking a sweat or sweating the small stuff.

Disclaimer: I received free sample of Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for Sensitive Skin and was asked to review it. However, this is my honest take on it. It really is great stuff.

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