My Best Album of the Year 2011

This year I have had the privilege of listening to many great and wonderful albums. Some of them are, My heart says yes, by Tony Reed; The live encounter by Tonya Baker; Everything by Dr Mark Williams and Hello fear by Kirk Franklin.

The truth is all the songs are wonderfully great, and I love them with all my heart. However, my preference is that of Kirk Franklin. This special album from Kirk Franklin contains ten wonderful songs. Namely, the songs are; A God like you, Before I die, But the Blood, Everything hurts, Give me, Hello fear (which is the title of the album), I smile, I am, Today and The Alter (which featured Marvin Sapp and Beverly Crawford).

Although I love all the songs because of how inspiring they are, my preferences are “Hello fear and I smile”. Hello fear is a song saying good bye to fear and its prison. The other song which of course is my best among all is “I smile”. This song begins with an adlib–it was a dedication of the song. The song was dedicated to recession, depression and unemployment-this song is to encourage great people out there who are going through difficulties because of our present global crises. After the adlib, part of the song goes this way:

Today’s a new day, but there is no sunshine.
Nothing but clouds, and it’s dark in my heart
and it feels like a cold night.
Today’s a new day, but where are my blue skies.
Where is the love and the joy that you promised me
tell me it’s alright.

Besides the above, the chorus also goes this way:

I smile, even though I hurt see I smile,
I know God is working so I smile,
Even though I’ve been here for a while
I smile, smile..

The song is in fact a song that touches and encourages a lot. Besides, the rhythm of the song is something that can move one to dance. This album has come at a time when people mostly needed it, and would inspire millions outside there to move from rags to riches, and help turn many people’s mess into messages. Above all, the whole album is awesome. Kirk deserves a great and big bravo for such a great work. My prayer is that God will continually strengthen and guide him to do greater than this.

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