My Christmas Story

It was Christmas Eve and I was five years old. I was told by my parents that you should leave out cookies and milk for Santa Claus it will help him to deliver all of the presents that he had for everyone on time, before morning. So Mom taught my Brother and I how to make homemade cookies, with her help of course. After we got done making the cookies my Mom told my Brother and I that it was time for bed and, like a kid, we were too excited to go to sleep. She told us that I wouldn’t get any presents if I didn’t go sleep and sent us to our room.

While we were trying to go to sleep my Brother woke me up right as I had fallen asleep and told me to be quite and look out of the window. I was so excited that I yelled “Santa!!” and my Brother told me that if he knows your up that he will disappear and you won’t get any presents. So I just stared out the window trying to contain myself. We were in our room just listening to him rustling around. He finally left. quietly without making a sound. After a while I finally fell back asleep.

I was the first one awake Christmas morning. I woke up my Brother and he jumped out of bed and we both quickly ran to our parents room and woke them up shouting, “It’s Christmas, can we open our presents?” After them taking forever to get up we finally went to the tree. Right when we started to open all of our present my Dad stopped we told us we has to be patient. I really didn’t want to wait any longer but I had to. He told me that they wanted to wake up all the way before we opened the presents.

About a half-hour later they finally had their coffee and were finally ready to let us open up everything under the tree. I my family we always open up the stockings. Me and my brother got the same thing; a plastic candy cane filled with M&Ms and a bouncy ball, I was pretty happy about the candy and my brother was happy about the bouncy ball. We were finally able to get to all of the big presents. But we also sort out everyone’s presents. When that was done We were able to open up everything. I got everything i wanted that Christmas except for the one big thing that I wanted the most, A Bike. I was a little disappointed but I did get a lot of other stuff.

Later on my Mom made us all breakfast, We all got our favorite breakfast food. I got scrambled eggs with toast and made a sandwich out of it like my Dad. Right after breakfast my Dad told me to help him get the mail, which I thought was weird but I always liked to help my Dad out so I ran outside without shoes or anything to protect myself from the cold but I didn’t care I was helping out my Dad. When I got outside I saw a bike next to the mail box and my Dad said it was for me. I was so happy I got the thing that I wanted most that year.

That Christmas is one of my first memories as a child. It’s also one of my happiest memories as well. I always think of this when Christmas comes around. I remember the excitement that I felt when I saw that bike. It makes me want to have a Christmas like that every year.

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