My Favorite Film of 2011

My favorite film of 2011 was undoubtedly, “Paul.” Now I know many great films were produced and released. However, when I go to a theater and pay to see a film I want to be released from reality. I want to laugh and forget politics, war and many of the horrid realities exhibited daily on the television.

Paul is about an alien from outer space. He looks like one of the grays so commonly described first by Betty and Barney Hill, the first people to describe what an alien looks like after their abduction September 19 and 20 of 1961. This difference is Paul has a sense of humor and loves bagels.

The premise of the film is Paul has been at a secret military base for about sixty years. In UFO lore that would place him there after Roswell and before Betty and Barney Hill. The film is about two science fiction obsessed citizens of Great Britain that come to America on vacation. Like all of us traveling they have a reason for their choice of destination. The have come to see the San Diego Comic-Con. While here they rent an RV and decide to travel to numerous famous UFO sites.

During their travels they meet Paul, who has escaped. Paul has an ability to heal people and truly loves bagels. He is a humanitarian and as curious about us as we are about him. This very special alien helps us look at ourselves and laugh. Oh, did I laugh. I escaped into a new reality. Paul travels with his reluctant hosts in their rented RV. They meet numerous people on the journey. Paul needs to dress up as a human when they go shopping. He carries bagels on his finger. He cares about people, almost killing himself while helping others. Paul the alien is more of a humanitarian than many humans.

The film was directed by Greg Mottola. The writers were Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. Frost and Pegg were also the traveling stars of the film. Seth Rogan was the voice of Paul. I highly recommend “Paul” to those that want to laugh and escape. Interestingly the film poster describes Paul himself as; fugitive, celebrity, joker, and alien. Jody Johnson does an incredible job with visual effects. Steve Cremin was a master of special effects. Universal Pictures released the film theatrically and Universal Studios Home Entertainment is releasing the DVD.

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