My Florida Vacation Disaster

This past summer my husband and I decided to take a weekend trip to Tampa, Florida, and everything that could go wrong did. Below is a list of everything that went wrong on our three day trip to the ocean.The Trip There My husband invited his brother and his whole family to ride with us in our car. That put nine people in a car that comfortably seats five or six at the most. My nephew had diarrhea for about the first 100 miles. My Grandson became car sick about the same time that the five year old got over his bout of diarrhea. We stopped to get Dramamine and drinks from the trunk and drove off without my suitcase. The baby spilled orange drink all over the cloth backseat of our new car. We got lost and wound up in a restricted area of a Military Base.

We get there and instead of staying at a hotel we stayed with my niece which was really cool. The first night was great, my nieces Mother-in-law cooked dinner for us, and we all got a good nights rest. The next morning was hot 99 degrees in the shade so we hopped in the car and headed for the beach.

Here’s What Went Wrong

We all piled into the car and turned on the air, before we got out of the driveway smoke began to boil out from under the radio and the air wouldn’t come on after that. We left for the beach after my husband disconnected something under the hood. We got to the beach, got a great parking space close to the beach. Had everything unpacked and realized that we didn’t have cash for the parking fee. I spent two days taking hundreds of pictures with no memory card in the camera.

The Trip Home
Finally we loaded up the car and headed home. The trip home wasn’t quite as bad as the trip there, but it wasn’t too bad at least not compared to the trip there.

We made it to the interstate and was making good time, when our front tire blew out. Everyone had to get out of the car and wait off of the side of the road while the men changed to tire. We didn’t realize that we were right on top of an ant bed, needless to say we were all stung. On the road again and the kids fell asleep peace at last, yeah right my brother and sister-in-law got into a big argument. Which woke up the kids and had them crying and acting up. Finally the argument ended and we stopped at a store to get gas. My sister-in-law left her debit card in the store. She ended up getting the store manager to mail it to her. Home Sweet Home, at four in the morning and the nightmare is over.

I have never been so ready to be at in my life!

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