My Husband

My husband,

My husband is my friend,

He is a winner, and he has just begun,

He is running in a race,

Where, he must be content,

With faith, mercy and grace,

He is running with the promises, that keeps him alive,

Genesis through Revelation,

Shows him how to survive,

He knows, His God will not leave him,

Every day, he tells me,

Baby, just pray,

Don’t let nothing get in your way,

I am alright,

I know who holds my future,

My life is in His hands,

My faith is not in a mere man,

The Father has a plan,

When I could walk, I stood in His presence, and told Him,

I will dwell in the House of the Lord always,

When I could sit up in my wheelchair,

I drove it to the House of the Lord,

When I stopped talking,

His goodness didn’t stop,

Now, I am temporarily bedridden,

And with the Lord,

I will stay,

He has all the answers,

And keeps me every day.

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