My Little Angel’s

I have 2 angels as you will see.
2 little angels that were ment for me.
For every life God took from me,
another life he gave you see.
November 4th will be 12 years
that God took my heart and left me with tears.
My Daddy was young and not ready to leave,
but god thought differently how could this be.
Not one month before my baby did come.
He was wailing an crying an sucking his thumb.
He is my little angel an will always be.
For god gave me a life before taking one you see.
If it weren’t for my angel my gift from above.
I may have not been here to see him grow up.

A few years later God blessed me with more.
A little girl that we waited for.
I don’t know why but God did it again.
He took her away before her life could begin.
Only 3 monthes from holding her near.
To cuddle an craddle an wipe away her tears.
But God thought it better to have her with him.
He took her away an blessed me again.
My second little angel arrived 12 monthes later.
A beautiful angel to fill that big crater.

My 2 little angels that heaven sent.
My 2 little angels that made life content.
But one little angel is missing you see.
That one little angel has to put up with me.
He has been with me thru thick an thin.
I’m ever so greatful to be married to him.
He put up with alot an I don’t know why.
But sometimes all I want to do is cry.
I wish I could tell him exactly how I feel.
Cuz putting up with me is a big deal.

My 3 little angels here to hug.
And 2 little angels watching from above.

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