My Mommy Essential Deodorant

Before having kids, I thought I knew what to expect. I pictured myself as one of those parents who would be totally organized and successful. I would always look fantastic while leading my kids in all types of fun, educational, healthy activities.

Real life is both so much better and worse than I expected. I didn’t anticipate just how much my heart would melt when my baby wrapped her perfect tiny hands around my finger or my toddler drew pictures of us. I also hadn’t anticipated that there would be mornings where I couldn’t shower because I was busy packing lunches and had little sticky hands trying to restyle my hair for me. As a busy mom, my getting ready routine has been pared down to be as short and efficient as possible.

This means that I have found a small set of products that I know I like and I stick to. Recently, though, I was given a free sample of Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant for Sensitive Skin to review.

It seemed kind of strange at first because you apply this deodorant at night rather than in the morning. I’m usually up a lot at night anyway as my baby still doesn’t sleep through. I kind of assumed that it wouldn’t cover me by the next day. However, even walking my daughter to school and then going on to a busy day at work, I stayed sweat free. The Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant was great because you don’t have to notice it or think about it. It just kept me protected as I ran around all day.

For me it was extra important that I didn’t notice it. I’ve always had sensitive skin, but my skin went absolutely berserk when I was pregnant. The hormones made my skin so sensitive that I would break in a rash whenever I applied various soaps and lotions or wore synthetic materials. My youngest baby is now nine-months-old and my hormones are slowly returning to normal, but my skin is still quite sensitive. The label wasn’t lying when it said that this deodorant was for sensitive skin. Even though it was strong, it was very gentle on my skin. Not only did I not react to it, my skin actually seemed almost soothed.

I started using Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant, and it’s definitely staying in my stash of mom essentials.

I received the product for free and was compensated for my review.

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