My Sweet Sarris Memories

Anyone who was ever a kid in the greater Pittsburgh area has heard of Sarris Candies in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. As children, we looked forward to special treats from Sarris in our Easter baskets and Christmas stockings. Anytime a family member was going to be in the general area of Sarris, we secretly hoped that they would return with some tasty confection to share.

I will never forget my first actual trip to Sarris Candies. I could not have been more than 7 years old, and was excited to have a big day out with my grandmother and aunt. We had been out for a day of shopping and lunch; as a special surprise, we stopped at Sarris on our way home. I remember walking in and being completely in awe of all the different flavors of ice cream in the parlor portion, and the actual candy shop was like a wonderland. In the days before grocery and big box stores carrying specialty candy items, I was completely flabbergasted by all the different types of chocolate, and the candies made in different shapes and sizes. As a true chocolate lover, it was a moment not easily forgotten.

As an adult, Sarris was still a treat. Once I moved to Pittsburgh, I noticed many chain stores carried specialty candy, and often I was able to purchase a Sarris chocolate covered pretzel to satisfy my sweet tooth. There is nothing like the taste of their chocolate, so rich and smooth. A few years ago, I was house sitting for a friend who lived in Canonsburg, and as a thank you gift, she purchased me Sarris chocolates in the shape of penguins. They were completely adorable.

My most recent trip to Sarris involved an impromptu stop after an out-of-town day trip. My husband and I had taken a road trip with our then new puppy, a dachshund named Dexter. We were celebrating my husband’s birthday, so we decided to stop at Sarris for ice cream. When the girls working in the ice cream parlor realized we had a puppy outside, they all took turns coming out to “ooh and ahh” over him. They even gave us a little cup of vanilla ice cream, so he could share in the celebration.

That is what Sarris Candies had always been- a celebration. Getting candy or ice cream from Sarris was a special event, regardless of whether or not it was a holiday. Sarris made any day special.

Which is why, today, I am completely heartbroken to learn of a fire that ripped through Sarris Candies this morning. According to an article on Pittsburgh-based WPXI’s website, as of now the owners anticipate reopening. I sincerely hope so. I cannot stand the thought that my last trip to Sarris was the last one forever.

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