My Top 10 FREE Iphone Apps

Have you ever been standing in line, or sitting somewhere with nothing to do and then you think “Gee, I sure wish I had some fun apps on my phone”? Well, I have your answer: I have compiled a list of my top 10 favorite free IPhone apps.
1. Facebook: It is such a convenient app. It is like a text message any time anyone posts something pertaining to you. You do not get charged internet time, because the app is already downloaded (downloading it, however, does use the internet- just like any other app.) It is just like Facebook on your computer, but a smaller, more convenient version.

2. Kindle: If I am ever sitting somewhere (ahem.. DMV), I love to open my kindle app and read my book. It is such a fun app! You can get some classic books for free, and other books you can rent from for free. The app gives you a choice of page style, classic white, sepia, or inverted black pages with white writing. My favorite is the sepia, although the inverted black is nice for nights when my husband is trying to sleep and I can’t seem to find a stopping point in my book :)

3. Netflix: There is a catch with this one – you have to have a subscription to Netflix. Watching movies on the go anytime? Yes, please! I love this app. Sometimes I will pick watching on my phone over the TV!

4. Wallpapers HD: Any type of wallpaper you could possibly want to personalize your iPhone, it’s on there. They are great quality pictures and quick to load.

5. Icon skins free: This is for decorating behind all of your apps on your phone. They have a ton of possibilities, and it is really fun to see how different ones look on your phone.

6. Fast food calories: Whether you want to know how many calories you are eating when you pull out of that drive- through or not, they are on this app. Any place you can think of that is considered fast food is on this app. They give you all of the nutrition (or lack thereof) information you could possibly need.

7. All This is an awesome app if you love to cook like I do. It will give you categories to pick from, and then give you full recipes according to your answers. You can search, spin a wheel for random recipes, look at the featured recipes and store your favorites.

8. WebMD: This app is a must have for anyone. It is just like the regular WebMD website that we all know and love, just conveniently on your phone.

9. Shop Savvy: This is a great app for all those who like to find the best deal. You can scan the barcode of the product you are looking for and it will tell you where all of the best deals are around you and the price of the item in different locations. If you shake it, it will give you a random item and tell you where the best deals are.

10. To do+: This is a great app or staying organized. So, if you are like me and have a million sticky notes everywhere of things to do, places to go, things to buy…. this is the app for you. It is super easy to use, lets you set reminders for as far ahead as you want and has an alarm section so you don’t forget to check it. It organizes your errands, shopping list, calendar and more!

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