My Weekly Work-Out Routine

People always ask me how I stay so thin and I always reply with an “I don’t know” or a raised shoulder or sometimes I just tell them that I don’t do anything. I have stopped being surprised by the responses a long time ago. Sometimes, it’s just a shocked face or a ‘really?’ Others respond with “omg, I hate you” or “you’re so lucky.” And, I too would believe that I really was in fact just lucky. Now I’m sure having a fast metabolism has something to do with it and being a picky eater helps too, but I’ve come to realize that I do actually work out. It’s just that, my work out routine happens to be so simple that not even I realize that I’m working out. So what do I do you ask? Well, let me tell you!

Walking– I walk at least a couple of miles on most days. Because I don’t (okay well I can’t) drive, I choose to walk if I’m not going somewhere too far. I live in a neighborhood that’s close to a lot of things so I walk to the grocery store, the mall, the bank, the library, places which all happen to be, at the most, a mile away. It turns out that I walk a lot, without realize it, and I have awesome legs as a result. At my last residence, I walked even more. The nearest bus stop was 2 miles away from me which would cause me to walk at least 4 miles on most days. This wasn’t a fun walk since there weren’t a lot of things to see on the way and it was extremely hot but I did it because I had to. I wouldn’t recommend you to walk in places like this but if you live somewhere that has shade, a lot of businesses, etc, it’s a great idea. Even if you drive, you may want to choose to walk to places that are close to you. You will save a few dollars on gas and your body will thank you for it.

Dance– I love to dance and I love trying new dances. There also happen to be a few dance studios in my area. Usually, I try to go to one dance class per week. Most times, I am part of a dance group, even a church dance group, which meets twice a week so if that’s the case, I wouldn’t usually go to an additional dance class. Dance classes are about an hour long and there are so many different ones to choose from. The last class I went to was a belly dancing class. I’m dying to try pole dancing and I’ve been hearing that it’s a great work out. The prices are usually around $10-$20. There are some dance classes that are more of a work out like Zumba but you don’t even need to take those. Find classes you like and you could probably even convince your friends to go with you. When I am unable to go to a class, I’d just play some music and dance around my room. I may not be doing anything technical but at least I’m moving!

So, that’s really all I do. I walk and I dance. I eat the most unhealthy foods so I do not diet. But, I don’t eat as large of a quantity as others and I don’t eat so often. Working out does not have to be that much work! All you need to do is stay active. You wouldn’t just look better but you’d also feel better. Leave the car in the garage sometimes, and if you own a bike, you could make use of that too. Be realistic and don’t push yourself too hard, too fast. Eventually, you’d be the best you that you can be.

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