Naomi Campbell Engaged or Just Collecting Jewels from Russian Billionaire Boyfriend?

The huge diamonds dripping off of Naomi Campbell’s left hand during London’s fashion week have sparked rumors that the temperamental diva may be engaged to her billionaire boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin. There is only one problem with that assertion, he is already married.

Already Spoken For

The handsome entrepreneur is married to his wife Ekaterina and has a teenage daughter. There are some unsubstantiated reports about Ekaterina’s displeasure with the affair but if a picture is worth a 1,000 words then she and her hubby apparently have come to some terms of agreement.

The married couple along with their daughter and Naomi posed for pictures, smiling together at a charity event last February. Ekaterina an Naomi were also snapped together enjoying girl time at last years London fashion week.

Love International Style

While some may raise eyebrows at Naomi and Vladislav’s relationship, the two have been inseparable for the past three years. Hitting the jet for their worldwide love tour, the pair have been photographed sunning their toned physiques from the beaches of St. Tropez to Thailand, show stopping at numerous red carpet events and even attending a royal wedding together.

Last year the ageless model also settled into Vladislav’s Moscow home, even shooting commercials airing in Russia about luxury apartments that he owns.

Revolving Door of Engagement Rumors

This is only the latest round of talk of the Russian businessman and the supermodel’s rumored engagement. In November, 2008 it was reported that Doronin gave Campbell an emerald and diamond engagement ring. Last year there was talk of an Egyptian wedding for the smitten lovers.

Will You Vladislav Promise to Spend Extravegantly on Naomi? I Do!

In addition to draping the catwalker in beautiful jewels, Doronin has spent millions planning an extravaganza for Campbell’s 40th birthday . He also had an Eye of Horus shaped house on Cleopatra’s Island in Turkey built just for her.

While we don’t know for sure what the meaning of Naomi’s headline making ring is, one thing that we do know is that she, her beau and her maids and assistants are all living very happily.

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