Neopets 2011 Advent Calendar Day 1: Sweet Dreams and Good Reads

With the Games Master Challenge wrapped up, the Month of Celebrating and the Winter Starlight Celebration starts at Neopets. I am sure I’m not the only one that hopes we’ll be gifted with a Christmas Paint Brush this year but free is free so there’s no need to complain about anything that you receive. You can visit the Advent Calendar once a day to claim your prize; you can find it here: Neopets Advent Calendar

“Very Long First Day of Celebrating” (Book) (Special) “If you can read this whole book, you deserve an increase in intelligence!” These are selling in the 3K range but if they follow the past trends of reselling, they will drop to under 1K over the next few days. Since these are a Special item, the Advent Calendar will be the only place to get one meaning the price will increase over time.

“Sweet Dreams Sleeping Cap” (Wearable / Clothes) (Special) “Pinch me, I must be dreaming!” Currently priced at about 1,400 NP but I am sure the price will drop. What makes clothing that’s wearable inflate in price is that everyone gets one from the Advent Calendar but some people have four pets and might want one for each of them.

No one knows what prizes or presents you’ll receive but it’s usually one or two items and Neopoints, today 531 NP were tossed in my pocket. Not bad for one single click. Since this is the first day of the month, remember to claim your freebies. Not only do you get a food item for each of your Neopets but you get 2,000 NP. This month I got Salmon Fishwich, Carrot, Tobbie Fruit and Sun Dried Techo Claw.

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