New Neopets Site Event: “Arthur Christmas”

If you haven’t seen the trailer for Arthur Christmas you might want to prepare yourself by visiting the portal at Neopets. What happens when secret footage of Santa’s son is leaked? Is there really a huge sleigh taking a practice run for the big night? And what about that rumor of over a million elves working feverishly to make wishes come true? If you haven’t see the commercials yet, visit the Surveillance Room at the portal to see two of six preview teasers. Find it here:

Conveyor Belt Madness: You have to guide the red, green and blue presents to the correct chutes. It sounds easy but it is frustrating until you figure out when to activate the chutes.

Naughty or Nice Missions: I got 1,000 NP just for visiting the page. Remember to click the bottom button to collect your prize. There is a meter on the stocking so something tells me that this is going to turn in to a community challenge.

When you click around the portal there are a lot of “coming soon” areas so this will be worth checking on a regular basis to see what is added to it. There isn’t a lot to do just yet but it is quick NP. I am hoping that this pans out and TNT doesn’t drop the ball with it like they did with other slow-to-start sponsor events that they have hosted in the past.

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