New Survey Shows More People Believe in Santa Than God

A new survey shows that more people believe in Santa Claus than God.

The results of the survey showed that 80 percent of people said that given a choice, they would choose Santa Claus as being more credible than God.

Dr. James Jones, author of the survey, said “For many people Santa is easier to believe in. He has the power to be many places at once, accounting for the many Mall sightings of Santa, and he does, unlike God, leave tangible gifts behind for both adults and children. God merely leaves the gift of guilt.”

“God is an abstract concept which is difficult for many people to grasp,” says Jones. “Yet , every Thanksgiving you can see Santa in the Macy Day Thanksgiving Parade. And when was the last time you saw God in a parade or interviewed on television?”

The major sponsorship of Santa by corporations also helps to polish Santa’s image.

“Would Coca Cola put God in an ad? “asks Jones, ” Yet over the years Santa has appeared in numerous Coke ads, proving to many people, that he is a tangible, touchable, credible person, unlike God who resides somewhere in a vague heaven and rarely , if at all , does commercials.”

Santa’s interaction with children further cements his credibility with people. “As a child,” says Jones “You are told to pray to God. But many children pray to God and see no results. But many children have had the experience of actually seeing and touching Santa. There is something much more believable about climbing into Santa’s lap and asking for a toy. There is immediate interaction been children and Santa, further strengthening his credibility.”

“Plus”, adds Jones “When was the last time you received a free candy cane from God.”

“Also, “says Jones ” On Christmas Eve, every local television station tracks Santa’s progress from the North Pole to a child’s house. This again increases Santa’s credibility, as many children and their parents believe that if you see in on TV, it must be true.”

“To my knowledge,” says Jones, “God’s descent from heaven has never been followed by any local TV channel.”

Jones is seeking further funding from various scientific foundations to continue his study in the credibility of Santa versus God.

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