New Witness of Roswell Incident May Have Been Discovered

I am searching out new witnesses to the Roswell Crash of 1947. I know they exist for I have stumbled upon one who passed away and left the legend with his family. So far I don’t know much except that it appears he saw the debris field and the aliens. He told his brothers later in life. He then passed the story on to their children and they to their children.

It is something the family joked about. Supposedly he was on a hunting trip and saw the debris before most had arrived. Investigation has led to the fact that at one point he was a member of the Roswell Fire Department. If this is true, he may have been trying to tell the story without jeopardizing his life. The Fire Department was one of the first to the crash site outside of Roswell.

After confronting his nephew with this fact it seems that what he thought was a family joke may in fact be true. No one knew this uncle was on the Fire Department. Currently I am using genealogy to trace current living decedents. In fact it was genealogy that led me to him in the first place. He died in the early 2000’s. He does have one brother that is still alive and a couple of nephews that seem to have been told the exact story from different fathers. So far I have only talked with one brother and his nephew and his family.

After starting a Facebook page called Roswell Crash 1947, I found another friend that I had known for many years. Their family was from Roswell. They are talking to family members as I write this. So now I have a lead on two possible witnesses and their families. I am looking for more. The living witnesses are quickly passing on. Some, according to the literature such as __________ have passed the story on to family members.

So I have a request. If you or any of your family members lived in Roswell during 1947 please contact me. You can reply to this article or contact me through requesting to join ROSWELL CRASH 1947, on Facebook and/or [email protected] . Let us all see if we can find someone that may help give more perspective on what occurred in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.

This we know over the years as military people stationed in Roswell have come forward. Citizens have come forward. Relatives of these witnesses have come forward. Death bed confessions have occurred claiming that aliens and strange materials existed. One document in the FBI vault open to the public under the Freedom of Information Act does address the crash, aliens and materials. The population according to the US census was 13,482 in 1940 and had grown by over 90% in 1950 to 25,738. So somewhere, someplace, someone may be able to add more information to the story.

I just want to speak to people or relatives of people that lived in the area at that time. The geographic area may extend as far away as Corona, New Mexico which is seventy five miles from Roswell. Even if you or your family has talked with someone else investigating this matter I would appreciate talking with you or that loved one. I have been studying this crash since I was a young man. I want to look at it myself, possibly finding information not previously asked because the right questions weren’t asked at the right time.

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