NFL Power Rankings Week Two: Patriots, Packers or Ravens No. 1?

The first week of the NFL shocked some NFL experts. The Atlanta Falcons dd not look like the team that won their division in 2010 and the Pittsburgh Steelers crashed and burned in the first weekend of the season.

The Green Bay Packers (I ranked them at No. 7 last week), showed the NFL they are more than ready to defend their title and on the AFC side, Tom Brady laid down the gauntlet, spreading the ball around the field like he was playing against high school kids in Miami. The following rankings do not over react to what happened in week one but they do reflect some teams poor starts.

32. Seattle Seahawks
Pete Carroll is showing his true colors.
31. Cincinnati Bengals
One win changes nothing.
30. Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jags have potential to improve.
29. Miami Dolphins
Chad Henne looks better than I thought.
28. Denver Broncos
Kyle Orton did not look good but he will pick it up later.
27. Carolina Panthers
Cam Newton’s first game impressed.
26. San Francisco 49ers
Two words: Alex Smith. I still do not believe.
25. Buffalo Bills
The Buffalo Bills got off to an impressive start and now they head to The Black Hole.
24. Washington Redskins
Don’t get excited Skins fans.
23. Tennessee Titans
Matt Hasselbeck to Kenny Britt will be tougher to connect this week.
22. Arizona Cardinals
Kevin Kolb and the Cards struggled against the Panthers.
21. Minnesota Vikings
Donovan McNabb is done.
20. Kansas City Chiefs
Matt Cassel once again showed he is not a No. 1 QB.
19. Cleveland Browns
The Browns lost but they will improve.
18. St. Louis Rams
Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson are banged up.
17. Indianapolis Colts
Peyton Manning’s injury has crippled a once proud team.
16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I still don’t believe in Josh Freeman but he proves me wrong every week.
15. New York Giants
Eli Manning and Hakeem Nicks will be broken up this weekend
14. Oakland Raiders
The Raiders could start the season 2-0 after they beat the Buffalo Bills.
13. Chicago Bears
Jay Cutler will not overcome the scrutiny of Bears fans and he will degenerate this season.
12. Dallas Cowboys
Tony Romo and the Cowboys deserve to fall out of the top ten.
11. Baltimore Ravens
Joe Flacco is another QB proving me wrong early this year–still skeptical.
10. Houston Texans
The Texans are for real and they will romp to the AFC South title, then get knocked out.
9. Detroit Lions
Detroit’s in the top ten? Wow.
8. Atlanta Falcons
Matt Ryan looked bad but he will recover.
7. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Pittsburgh Steelers defense was destroyed but now they will get healthy against the Seahawks.
6. Philadelphia Eagles
The Philadelphia Eagles have some work to do.
5. New York Jets
The New York Jets didn’t win Sunday night, the Cowboys lost.
4. New Orleans Saints
Brees is back and this team will win 11 games despite their week one setback.
3. San Diego Chargers
Can the Chargers unseat the No.1 team, the New England Patriots this week?
2. Green Bay Packers
Aaron Rodgers and the Packers didn’t practice during the lockout and they looked incredible in week one.
1. New England Patriots
Tom Brady and the New England Patriots sent the Miami Dolphins packing in their own house and Brady is in Super Bowl form early this season.

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