NFL Week 4 Projections – 2011

WARNING: These picks are more than likely wrong, use at own risk. ;)

Carolina @ Chicago
I really like how Carolina has played this year, but the defensive play in Chicago is quite too good. Chicago at home is a good match, they should win this one… barely.
Winner: Chicago

Buffalo @ Cincinnati
Buffalo. Cincinnati. Both teams sound similar to me for some reason. Cincinnati is just waiting to jump on a team. But, I don’t think Cincinnati has the offensive power to beat Buffalo. Look for Buffalo to win this one in a very very close one.
Winner: Buffalo

Tennessee @ Cleveland
Most users on Y! Sports have picked Tennessee. I agree with them. Tennessee is playing strong, even without Kenny Britt. Look for the Titans to pull a victory out here.
Winner: Tennessee

Detroit @ Dallas
Even after a good game with Washington last week, Dallas is still battling a few key injuries. Detroit on the other hand, hasn’t lost a game this season, even counting preseason. Not only that, but they have outscored their opponents 101-64 (Regular season).
Winner: Detroit

Kansas City @ Minnesota
I picked Minnesota as my Survival pick this week. Kansas City simply doesn’t have the offense to compete with Minnesota’s. With that being said, look for Minnesota to take a W over Kansas City.
Winner: Minnesota

Washington @ St. Louis
Well. Here’s my upset of week 4. St. Louis. Why? It’s at the Jones Dome. Not the best reason, but I’m feeling a happy crowd in St. Louis.
Winner: St. Louis

San Fransisco @ Philadelphia
Michael Vick WILL be playing this week. Obviously, this is a good thing for the Eagles. Bad thing for the 49ers. The only way the 49ers could win this game is if Patrick Willis comes out of the locker room with a lot of good plays in him. Without him, it’s a 49ers lose.
Winner: Philadelphia

New Orleans @ Jacksonville
Well this shouldn’t take much explaining. New Orleans will win this game. Might not take much effort either. New Orleans offense will take care of business.
Winner: New Orleans

Pittsburgh @ Houston
I am really impressed by the way Houston has been moving the pigskin this year. On the other hand, I’m disappointed in the way Pittsburgh has. This game should come down to the 4th quarter. Matt Schaub and the Texans should take this one.
Winner: Houston

New York Giants @ Arizona
The Giants are coming off of a fantastic win over the Eagles last week. They are also getting back star lineman Osi Umenyiora. Although the other star defensive lineman, Justin Tuck, may not be playing, they shouldn’t have much of a problem in Arizona.
Winner: New York Giants

Atlanta @ Seattle
I may get laughed at when you read this, but I am choosing Seattle. They are due for a win, and a week after Sydney Rice returns, I think they could have something going here. I have also not been impressed by the way Atlanta has played either.
Winner: Seattle

Denver @ Green Bay
Didn’t even have to read team reports for this. Green Bay won’t have a problem taking down the Broncos.
Winner: Green Bay

New England @ Oakland
Tom Brady vs. Jason Cambell. Tom Brady. Wes Welker vs. Darrius Heyward-Bey. Wes Welker. These two players alone, should be enough to beat the Raiders.
Winner: New England

Miami @ San Diego
Miami is due for a win. But week 4 isn’t when it’s coming. San Diego and Phillip Rivers are looking to take the lead in the AFC West, and I think they’ll do it after this week. Short and simple.
Winner: San Diego

New York Jets @ Baltimore
The Jets aren’t as good as in the recent years, obviously. But neither is Baltimore’s defense. Even saying that, the Ravens defense will shut down the Jets, and win this one by around 17 points.
Winner: Baltimore Ravens

Indianapolis @ Tampa Bay
Many people are impressed by Tampa’s performance this season so far, including me. They have really performed well. Unlike the Colts. Once again, the Colts will suffer another loss.
Winner: Tampa Bay

Upset of the week: Seattle @ Atlanta

Three “sure-win” teams: Green Bay, New Orleans, and San Diego

Last Week’s Record: 0-0 (This is the first week of me posting)
Season Record: 0-0 (This is the first week of me posting)

Best of luck to your teams.
Enjoy your weekend!

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