NFL Week 7 Review

NFL Week 7 Impressions

Game of the Week – Denver over Miami. The Tebow era is in full effect. It actually started before the game by selling out the tickets and somehow turning the game into a home field advantage for the visiting Broncos and ended with a thrilling comeback in the last 3 minutes to push the game into overtime where they eventually won. Let’s forget about the fact that this game was boring and Tebow was terrible for the most part. This is what the game is all about and I would take Tebow on my team any day. He inspires people and is a winner. He threw two touchdowns and ran for a 2 point conversion to give his team a chance. That’s all the Broncos can ask for.

Blowout City – Texans over Titans, Chiefs over Raiders, Cowboys over Rams and Saints over Colts. There was one storyline for each of these games as there was a monster performance by Arian Foster (3 TDs, 100+ yards receiving, 100+ yards rushing), Chiefs defense (6 INTs, 2TDs), Demarco Murray (250+ rushing yards) and Drew Brees (5 TDs). While the Raiders and Titans could be relevant towards the end of the year, it looks like the Rams and Colts might be battling for the first pick in the 2012 draft as neither has a win on the season.

Ello sunshine – Bears over Buccaneers. This was what has become annual game in London, England between two teams that I am still not sure about. Are either of these teams any good? Both have good defenses, decent running games and shaky quarterbacks. And while it makes sense that Malcolm Gladwell (owner of the Bucs and Manchester United) would have a stake in this game, it is a shame that his team is not better. Josh Freeman does not look like the same quarterback as last year.

Choke job……again – NYJ over San Diego. The Chargers are a bunch of chokers who will never win the big game the way they are set up. To be honest, I am not sure it is the weather in southern California, the players, or the coach, but the team has never won a big game. The Chargers got Antonio Gates back in the lineup and he scored their first touchdown, but they could not close the game out, blowing a 10 point second half lead. I guess I give some credit to the Jets since this is the second game this year that they had no business winning.

Can we get an upset: Jacksonville over Baltimore. I did not see this one coming. This was an extremely ugly game filled with penalties and fumbles, but you have to give the Jags credit by beating their rival with a rookie quarterback leading the way. Blaine Gabbert showed a lot of poise, Josh Scobee hitfour field goals, three of them from over 50 yards, and the Jags amazingly gave up fewer than 100 yards of offense until the Ravens lone TD drive in the final minutes.

Random Thoughts. I hate bye weeks. Some of the biggest fantasy performances put up and tough injuries felt this week.

Week 7 Preview. New England @ Pittsburgh is always one to watch. The Saints might win game in consecutive weeks by 100 total. I wanna watch Tebow as Detroit tries to stop their skid. There should finally be a good primetime game as the Cowboys travel to Philly.

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