Non – Invasive Liposonix Contours a Slimmer and Trimmer Body

More than a million procedures performed: Fat reduction and contouring a slimmer shape in the United States in 2011.1 Pursuing a healthy life style exercise and diet, does not guarantee the extra inch or more around the belly (abdomen) and waist (love handles), disappear for a personal desirable appearance. Common fat reduction surgery liposuction or tummy tuck surgery, removes large areas of fat. The Food and Drug Administration approved non – invasive Ultrasound (HIFU) Liposonix, target fat deposits beneath the skin. 6 Liposonix technology focuses on fat reduction in localized areas: Abdomen, Hips and Thigh Area. 2 Also, the body contouring effective treatment for cellulite reduction therapy 8 “On average patients treated in the clinical studies had a reduction in their waist size of 2.8 cm (1.1 inches), which is usually a difference of one pant or skirt size.” 2 Through 2016, predict market growth of 42 percent for non-invasive fat reduction treatment. 1

Approximately one hour non – invasive single treatment procedure, ultra-sound Liposonix heat destruction (thermal coagulation 2) permanently kills fat cells under the skin (Without harming the skin). 4 Prior to the start of the treatment, physician marks the location on the skin by mark-up numbered dots, a map of the area to be treated. 5 The lymphatic System (“The lymphatic system clears away infection and keeps your body fluids in balance.” 3) transports the dead fat cells to be synthesis in the liver. After a completed session, eight to twelve weeks later patients have a slimmer, contoured, and tightening skin over the treated area. 4 Additional fat reduction treatments maybe considered, create a smoother contoured appearance in the love handles and abdomen. 6 Liposonix non-invasive treatment costs $3,500 – $4,000. 5

Medics Technologies Corporation division of Medics Pharmaceutical Corporation developed Liposonix. When Sola Medical (Aesthetic laser treatment provider) acquired Medics Technologies for approximately $35 million (November 2011), obtained the rights to the ultrasound energy fat reduction technology Liposonix. 1 The Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Liposonix System in 2011. “The LIPOSONIX system is currently marketed in Canada, the European Union and Japan.” 7

Currently, the technology eliminates localized fat cells in the outer and inner thigh area, love handles, and abdomen. 2 The treatment provides women who had C-Section, effective contoured midsection. 9 Side-effects during or after Liposonix treatment include bruising on the surface of the skin, discomfort (Intensity of the ultrasound settings could be reduced eliminate soreness or pain medication taken orally), tingling, cold, warmth or prickling sensation. 2

Liposonix not recommend very slender bodies, body mass index greater than 30, and medical conditions including diabetes or clotting disorders. Also, pregnant women and patients who had surgical procedure done on the same body area or under – went in the same location liposuction, not acceptable for Liposonix treatment. In areas of scaring, not recommend the thermal coagulation treatment. 2


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