Of Tragedy and Triumph: A Personal Sestina

Born free of sin but marked at birth,
This unrelenting torment given by you
Has left me wounded yet still I stand.
I long to taste the plain and simple
Life that seems to forever elude me.
But hope, a precious resource, is free.

All I have done is let charity flow free
Which I do not regret, but it is the birth
Of disadvantage it has bestowed me
That makes me loath the likes of you.
It is because of your mind so simple
That I am reluctant to make a stand.

Your arrogance is what I cannot stand.
If you do wrong you should be free,
At least for you it seems that simple.
With the dawning of the sun and birth
Of the new day, I will not come to you
Even if the consequence my harm me.

Strength, pure and raw, will give me
The legs on which I will finally stand
To defeat nothing but the best of you.
Only then will I know I am truly free
Of this ugly curse given to me at birth.
A promise I will keep which is simple.

My resurrection of sanity is simple,
Tame the beast that walks beside me.
With this will be given a glorious birth
Of peace that my enemy cannot stand.
Assume my best is gone and set free,
So in the end I surely will surprise you.

Finally the world will justly defy you,
And life again shall be sweetly simple.
From your steely clutch I will be free,
And life again will breathe back to me.
Only then with me I ask you to stand,
Humble and proud of this joyous birth.

Anew you shall rise, solely from birth,
With simple vows to help us all stand.
Free from the curse, walk now with me.

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