Omaha’s Best Music Store

When it comes to shopping for music in the Omaha area, there is no better place to go than to Homer’s, the hands down best independent music store in the city.

Yes, you can probably find just about any song you’re looking for on iTunes these days.

And that’s fine, but I find it difficult to buy something that I don’t actually own. I can’t hold onto a digital download. I can’t sell a digital download if I need to scratch together some cash one day.

When I’m looking to pick up that new album, find an old favorite I have worn out, or just want to wander around for a little while and see what catches my eye, then Homer’s is the place for me.

Homer’s currently has two locations, but the Old Market location (1210 Howard Street) is my favorite one to go to. The other location (2457 S. 132nd St.) is located in Orchard Plaza.

There is something about the brick building and wood floors that improves the experience of shopping for a forgotten tune or unknown album. And selection? Homer’s has you covered there too.

Homer’s currently celebrating it’s 40th year, offers a great selection of compact discs, movies and yes even carries plenty of vinyl albums for those looking for a throwback type listening experience.

The store offers a wide selection of new and used items and I rarely walk into the store without finding an album or two (or three) I want to pick up before leaving.

It’s location in the Old Market area makes it a hot spot for visiting musicians on tour.

One friend told me he ran into Aerosmith there several years ago. Another, a former employee, said members of Pearl Jam once walked into the store while he was working. Another story has music legend Tony Bennett wandering in one afternoon.

Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll run into a famous artist when you go to Homer’s, but you’ll be glad either way as you’ll walk out after having a good time and probably pick up a few new albums to listen to on the drive home.

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