One by One They Fell

One by one the snowflakes fell,
then more and more.
So much more that black asphalt roads turned into white pathways.
A car would pass making it look like a horse-drawn carriage cut through it.
More snow fell, enough to cover every blade of grass.
This is where the fun begins.
Every lawn gets dotted with snowmen as varied as people.
Short, tall; fat, skinny; they come to the world as you and me.
With more snow comes more fun.
Forts go up to defend territories from invading armies.
Ammunition is created on the spot.
Cannonballs of ice fly from left to right and right to left.
Many are caught in the frozen crossfire, and only a few come out unscathed.
With the ground still blanketed in white, the pigskin makes an appearance.
Sides are chosen and all partake in the mayhem.
No body is left without hurt, or without fun for that matter.
So much snow falls at times that school is cancelled.
On those days one barely knows how to begin the fun there is so much time.
Still, the nights are lovely too;
mostly when they are lit by strings of luminescence.
The colors of the rainbow fill the air.
There is never a dark night during this season.
The flakes that adorn the ground help to spill the colors into the air.
The nights never are as colorful as this time of year.
Though cold all around, smiles are still warm.
People are still cheery, though the weather be dreary.
One by one the snowflakes fell.
Of a long journey each could tell.
Without them Winter is not so swell.
Enjoy them now, for Spring will make them small,
but remember, Winter will always come,
and one by one the snowflakes will fall.

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