Optimize Your Computer to Achieve Better Performance

Computer optimization can help you achieve better computer performance, such as higher speed, greater stability, better experience, and greater security. Then how to start a thorough optimization?

Following are something you need to consider first:
Install anti-virus software and run it regularly to scan your computer.
There are dozens of free software now available for download. Just select the one that you want and download. This not only helps to clean up your PC in case of a virus infection, it also prevents future infections when you unwittingly download malware.
Clean and optimize registry.
When Windows boot up, system needs to read data in the registry and put them in the ram temporarily. Windows spend most time in this regard. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and optimize registry. As for how to do that, you can turn to certain optimizer to help you.
Clear up file fragments in the hard disk.
If you perform too many operations on hard disk, files will be stored discontinuously and it may take longer and longer to read files. At this time, you need to use disk defragmenting program provided by Windows systems. Such program is able to rearrange the files and free up space in the hard disks in order to speed up file reading and program running.
Update your operating system.
Sometimes, your system manufacturer may release an update that helps to boost its performance. Usually, you will be notified of this is if you are online most of the time. To make sure you have the latest version, go to the website and check if your software version matches the latest release. If not, simply download the updates. You can usually install these automatically when you shut down your computer.
Limit startup programs.
Lots of programs are designed to automatically load with system. This helps reduce inconvenience to load the programs that you exactly want to run at Windows startup such as anti-virus program, but for programs that you do not need, this will waste valuable memory and slow down computer performance. To optimize computer performance, please use “msconfig” to eliminate the programs that do not need to load with windows.
Regularly remove junk files, cookies and history.
Frequently clearing junk files, cookies and history on computer is very important for every computer user. It can free up hard drive space to obtain a better performance of computer, and protect your privacy from others’ prying eyes at the same time.

Learn How to Optimize PC is very important if you want to enjoy better experience when using the computer. Those tips mentioned above can help you optimize pc. Remember optimize pc performance is not a hard work if you keep on maintaining your computer on a regular basis.

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