Our Funniest Valentine’s Day Ever

It was about our 12th year being married, and I had thought I had done it all as far as Valentine’s Day goes. We went out to dinner. We went to the movies. We even went on a weekend getaway a few times. So this particular year I decided to stay at home and cook a romantic dinner, eat by candlelight, and watch a movie that we both would enjoy.

I had planned the evening for 2 weeks in advance, as I did not want anything to go wrong. The day finally arrived and it seemed I had a million things to do . I ran to the store to get great steaks and baking potatoes and salad fixings. On my home I stopped to get some candles and flowers to set the mood. I covered the lamps with scarves, set out the candles and flowers on our coffee table. One hour before my hubby was to arrive, I made the salad and started baking a red velvet cake, something he absolutely adored. Got halfway through, and realized I was out of red food coloring, which you need tons of. So back to the store, and on my way home I had to take a detour because of an accident, So another 15 minutes out of my way. Finally back home, I only had 10 minutes left, so I hurriedly got the cake together and in the oven. I had put the potatoes in a 450 oven before I left, so I had to turn the oven down to 350 for the cake. I went out to throw the steaks on the grill and guess what, I was out of propane. This evening was proving to be questionable at best. So back inside hoping the cake would get done in time to throw the steaks in the broiler- 5 minutes later, in walks my hubby. Happy Valentines Day honey, and hands me a card, Oh no, I forgot to get him one. I gave him a quick kiss and told him to take it easy and start the movie, “The Notebook”.

I took out the cake to cool, turned on the broiler, threw in the steaks, and poured us some wine. I went to frost the cake real quick, when I hear my hubby yell “YEAH great movie babe” … Wow I though, he really likes it. Got the steaks and potatoes out, and sat down to eat, only to see blood and guts all over the TV. The rental movie was not what it was supposed to be. It was a war movie in the wrong jacket. Oh well, at least He was happy. We started to eat, only to find out the potatoes were not cooked at all. Still not to bad, the steaks were delicious.

I frosted the cake and brought it in and cut it, only to have it pour out like a volcano. The cake was not cooked inside at all. By this time I was crying like a baby. The whole romantic evening seemed to be a disaster. That’s when My hubby turned to me and said “wow baby this was the best Valentine’s Day ever”. I turned to look at him and saw his smiling face and started to laugh. What could have been a disaster, turned out to be something we have talked about and laughed about for many years.

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