Our Old Mansion

On the East side
the gnarly, twisted
“Hangman’s Tree”.
Our bedroom
where the horrible
axe murder took place.
The ghost doesn’t walk
till three in the morning
so we aren’t disturbed by it.
In the sub-basement,
a wonderful, authentic
medieval torture chamber
with numerous skeletons
chained to the walls.
Half the fun is making
these old torture devices
in your own home workshop!
In the rat infested basement
there is the bricked up entrance
to the wine cellar,
once noted for its exquisite
Amontillado wine!
Then, of course,the strange lights
which appear from time to time
in the empty attic.
Oh! I’m forgetting the bloodstains
which appear on the front steps
when we have torrential rain,
they can never be scrubbed away!

Actually, nothing untoward
ever happened here.
But all this
is more interesting
than the boring, old facts!

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