Out of This World

Your love for me is out of this world,

Is something that cannot be measured,

Cannot be counted,

Cannot be thought of,

In any sort of measure,

I see it within the depths of your eyes,

As you look at me,

Even if across the room,

I feel it in the spark,

I feel in the depth of my skin,

As your hands touch me softy,

Our marriage is a constant blessing,

Through this thing we call life,

I know you are always there,

Standing by me,

Having faith in me,

Having love within me,

Having trust with us,

Knowing I am here to hold you,

And that you are not alone,

That wonderful feeling,

Only two in true love can share,

That oneness of forever,

Your faith for me is out of this world,

It cannot be measured,

It cannot be counted,

It cannot just be given some sort of weight,

It is something that just lies,

Within our two hearts,

That has become one,

In this bond we share,

I love you my dearest darling,

Through every moment that we share,

When I look at you,

When I look into your eyes,

I see that spark,

I see that shine,

I see that hope,

I see that faith,

I see that love,

Deep within your heart,

And in your soul,

This oneness of us is out of this world,

Out of anything that could be imagined,

Or believed,

But it exists,

Because the depth,

Of the love we share,

You are my everything,

You gave me more than I could put into words,

You gave me stability,








And every other wonderful thing,

You give yourself to me,

So fully and complete,

I know that our love,

Maybe out of this world,

But it is true,



Because I see it in your eyes,

Every time you look at me.

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