Perfect Union

The United States was created with the ideal of perfection could be attained.
The very idea that a people could govern themselves with the possibility that they could create a government of never before seen perfection.
The first manifestation of course was tainted with no less an unjustifiable calamony of slavery. Less than a century after the inception of perfect government, that Union was torn asunder by the conflict of Civiil War.

The First United States born of hope, tore itself apart because it had failed in its glorious attempt to create perfection.
President Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address declared that the Nation should recreate itself, under the same ideals of Government, “of the people,for the people, by the people.” There resolved to create a More Perfect Union.

Today as September 11, passes, a day which saw the United States change a decade ago after the terrorist attacks in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. We find the nation pausing in its own self destruction again.

Politicians and people acknowledge the moment, see the damage and point the finger blaming each other.

They talk of perfection the desire to create a more perfect nation, but one only perfect in their own image. Democrat, Republican or TEA Party Republican.

People the ideal of a Perfect Union is for all of US. Not the Democrat, Not the Republican, Not the TEA Party Republican alone.

WE THE PEOPLE are the UNITED STATES. We the People are not followers, we lead this nations governance. We the People are the Heroes, We the People need to prepare to take back the reins of government which we have let slip.

Tell your Representatives what you want. Bombard them with letters, e-mails and phone calls. Take a position on the hustings, in your hands is the future of a more perfect Union. Work together to build it, or sit and wait on the sidelines and see it destroyed in your name by petty self interested factions.

The more Perfect Union is not a pipe dream. We haven’t quite got there just yet.

The power to do so is within US.

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